© Lorena Amorós · 2015


Series of drawings and video. Variable measures. 2013-2014. (Work in progress)

HERENCIA DE CIENCIA FICCIÓN is a project that stems from the awareness of how to face a hostile event derived from a family legacy. The transformation of this common experience in an art installation, the conceptual core of the tense dialogue between figuration (or mimesis ) and disfigurement (or fiction), seeks to recover and build “the other's gaze” through a series of drawings and videos. The drawings can be interpreted as flashes that look alien , through which one tries to conjure the biographical facts revealed by the narrative from an ironic prism, as if being exorcized through humour. The resulting “bestiary” connects with certain (“emptied”) romanticism, which echoes aspects of Spanish literature such as “tremendismo” (“alarmism”) or “miserabilism”, the insistence on the rough and the portrait of degenerates and dark characters. However, the allegorical review of this aesthetic disinfects any hint of " black bile " , since the staging is done from a kitsch level, which refers, at the same time, both to the outdated luxury of certain Marbella aesthetics and to the vintage decor of the '60s and '70s. Besides, the proposed taxidermy-like scenario insists on the symbolic imaginary where the death drive is implicit in both the reference image and the resulting work. The videos reveal the space (now innocuous), where someone carried out the taxidermist practices: emptying the body, preparing the skin and molding from the skeleton. Ultimately, it shows the disfigurement of the dead animal in order to rebuild and restore its "life". A disturbing (and dreamy) act, halfway between the dissections of a murderer and the dubious powers of a god. At this point, the phantasmatic subject position (author / viewer) is encrypted and does not respond to a common paradigm. Instead, subjectivity depends on the degree of fetishism we grant to the images (drawing / frames) presented. The degree of identification will always be uncertain, turbulent, a satire of what happened.

Installation for the art exhibition DESDE LA MÍMESIS A LA FICCIÓN Y VICEVERSA in the Gallery Adora Calvo, Salamanca. Two projections with opaque projectors and video 1´54´´. Variable measures. 2014.