© Lorena Amorós · 2015


VOLUNTAD DE-FORMA is a series of paintings made from familiar audiovisual and photographic material. The result can be understood as a collection of discrete images of ironic character without defined limits, intended to disrupt the family archive. This task of restoring, distorting, reconstructing the photographed and painting the self-referential material that we all inherit, is linked with the need to confront and turn against what once were and we are not, against what we thought was ours and we can not find. However, the intention is not to map a series of traumas, but approach the concept of the uncanny, present in the various works, together with substantial doses of irony and humor. This series of zombie children, can not therefore be interpreted as the portrait of tragic beings, but as a kind of vampires and mischievous children who display an imaginary duplicity which fits all kinds of pairs (good / evil, true / false, fact / fiction, sinister / family). From this idea, start other projects like Voluntad de-forma III and Txikillers.