© Lorena Amorós · 2015


Video I. Super-8 transferred to DVD. 37´28”. 2006; Video I. Super-8 transferred to DVD. 45”. 2007.

The narrative of "Restos de Familia" develops and operates in terms of fiction and irony. Therefore, the screening of autoiographical Super 8 films, which can be seen in the video on the right, along with simulated depths of my family, visible in the projection on the left, is not symptomatic of an obsessed and documentary idea that the viewer should interpret as the actual footprint of a particular family's past. The domestic material is used to emphasize the existing diversion from what we get from haphazard hands of a family and what, from the artistic practice, can be manipulated. In this regard, the interest lies in the dialectics existing between the familiar and the strange, in the Freudian sense of the term. What was once familiar emerges when viewing the two videos under a threatening aspect, dangerous, uncanny, and in turn, refers to something known all along that has been hidden or in the shade.

Thus, we only want to show what we were from a fictional perspective, and to be able to cloud the true reality; veils and opacities that are capable of distorting the past of those things that we were once and that, at the same time, we are not any more.


Installation exhibited at:

2010. “RELIQUIAS DES-ENTRAÑABLES”. Asincronías. Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia (MUBAM). Murcia.
“MI FAMILIA ES UN TESORO”. Off Pac. Hibridación y Mestizaje. Fundación José García Jiménez. Murcia.
2007.  “RESTOS DE FAMILIA. LO ENTRAÑABLE DE LAS ENTRAÑAS”. Museo de la Universidad de Alicante (MUA). Alicante.