© Lorena Amorós · 2015


Expanded painting. Two videos transferred to DVD. 3´16´´. 2011.

It is a videopictorical and sound installation that reflects on the figure of the fan, the result of an interest in autobiography and self-representation. This piece highlights how the fan suffers a kind of depersonalization of him/herself towards his/her identification with the other (the idol), while this same process also constitutes a reaffirmation, as it is about defining one's own tastes.

The installation was designed for the SOS Festival Murcia 2011, an event that combines an extensive program of concerts with a group exhibition which that year was titled Melodías Prohibidas. The space was painted following some album covers and material related work of Nick Cave, and illuminated with red light, recreating a kind of brothel in which the spectator was invited to enter and lie down on a mattress spread on the floor. Inside, the spectator would listen to the song The Singer, written by Jonny Cash and reinterpreted by Nick Cave, while two videos were projected, arranged side by side. In one of the videos, some bare buttocks move to the beat of the music (previously slowed), in the other, the face of Nick Cave seems to look at the neighboring projection. The installation generated an atmosphere of “meta-fanatism”, as the autobiographical background affects the self-awareness of this relationship: the “I”, fan of Nick Cave, while Nick Cave, fan of Jonny Cash, plays The Singer, the song written by Cash. And this took place while the spectators interacted with the installation, appropriating the space.

Project specifically made for:

2011. “MELODÍAS PROHIBIDAS”. Festival S.O.S. 2011. Murcia.