© Lorena Amorós · 2015


Video installation with painting and photography. Variable measures. Photographs on aluminum. 35x50 cm. 8 assemblages with variable measures. Video I. Super-8 transferred to DVD. 37´28”. 2006; Video I. Super-8 transferred to DVD. 45”. 2007

RELIQUIAS DES-ENTRAÑABLES arises from  previous projects in order to establish a visual and textual dialogue with some pictures of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia (MUBAM). These works, such as the paintings by Chart Joaquín Campos López, entitled Magdalena penitente (1802) or La mujer adúltera, a work belonging to the Circle of Pedro de Orrente (XVII century), were chosen for what they represent and in an effort to uncover aspects buried in them. The utobiographical, the uncanny, the figure of the double, sexuality and death are themes in the various projects involved that mingle ironically in the museum context. Thus, the discourse on self-representation expands and allows us to expand the artistic imagination with the intent to disrupt and distort the symbolic machinery of the museum.

The exhibition was framed within the project ASINCRONÍAS, in the MUBAM.